About Us

Everyone has an inner sense, a calling, and a yearning to achieve their True North. For some, that path is easily accessed and to others it is not. Halcyon True North focuses on helping pave that path to those in our community who want to achieve their True North through a College Education.

As we look around our community, whether we observe students at school events, read about them in our local newspaper, or hear about them through our neighbors or public and civic events, we are touched by the enthusiasm of going to college which is distressingly offset by the realization that it is unaffordable, student loan applications denied, or the obstacles seem so profound they don’t know where to turn. Reading or hearing about issues is not quite the same as getting personally involved. We wanted to understand and help firsthand, to connect, and stay in touch through graduation.

Large established non-profits have extensive and generous donors, but at the community/grassroots level, community’s often do not see any change. Halcyon True North will work with the local high schools to identify students with promising futures who would otherwise give up. We know we can’t help everyone, however, strive to make a positive difference in those we do touch.